Vendor Spotlight: The Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer

Vendor Spotlight Law Office of Joshua Hummer

Get some tax advice from The Law Offices of Joshua E. HummerEach month, we spotlight one of our favorite vendors. While you can always reach out to us to see our complete list of names, categories, and contact information (frequently updated!), these blogs will give you a deeper understanding of who these people and businesses really are. This month we get some tax advice from The Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer.

We know 2020 was a difficult year for many, and while we wish that we could guarantee that 2021 will be different and better, we cannot. What we can promise is that we are here for you and we want you to be prepared. 

Coming ahead in 2021, some tax law changes are likely to occur, and three of them may affect your estate:

    1. The Estate Tax
    2. Income Tax
    3. Capital Gains Tax

If these tax law changes pass, they will alter, or even undo, much of the estate planning U.S. citizens have done or are trying to do.

Law Office of Joshua Hummer LogoFor advice on what you can do to prepare for these changes, check out their website or call them at (571)-498-9009 to get started. They would love to schedule a free consultation to talk with you about how to create or adjust your estate plan to save as much in taxes as possible.

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