Vendor Spotlight: Felicia Hayes with Hayes Bodywork

Felicia Hayes with Hayes Bodywork Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Felicia Hayes with Hayes BodyworkEach month, we spotlight one of our favorite vendors. While you can always reach out to us to see our complete list of names, categories, and contact information (frequently updated!), these blogs will give you a deeper understanding of who these people and businesses really are. This month, we get to know more about Felicia Hayes, LMT with Hayes Bodywork.

Why did you want to become a massage therapist?

I jumped into this profession by coincidence. In early September 2001, I had just come from living abroad and could not find a job because of 9/11. So, I decided to take the opportunity to study massage. I loved massage for so long, saw and benefited from the therapy that it made perfect sense to join the profession. And, I haven’t looked back since.

How often do you feel a client should come for a massage for chronic issues?

It depends on the client’s goals and the chronic issue.

What are the most popular types of massages that your clients request?

Lymphatic drainage and myofascial are the most highly requested services.

How does a prenatal massage benefit a soon-to-be mother?

Pregnant women may feel a number of benefits from pregnancy massages. They may feel a reduction in symptoms of anxiety, stress, sleep problems and back pain. In some cases, they may have fewer complications in their delivery as well as fewer postnatal complications.

Hayes Bodywork LogoIf you are in need of a local massage therapist, be sure to give Felicia a call at 703-249-4829 or visit her online here to book an appointment. You can also check her out on Instagram and Facebook @HayesBodywork.

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