Paint Colors...How Do You Choose?

Bringing color into your home can be a scary and never ending decision. What if it is too bright? Will it go with the sofa? Is it a color that brings calm feelings? We can’t pick the color for you, but we can provide you with some things to think about when you walk into the hardware store and stand in front of the aisle of paint samples.

Attracted To Color
Do you have a favorite piece of artwork or a rug in the house that makes you smile? See if there is a color in there that you could try somewhere small in the room, maybe an accent wall or the shelves in a bookcase. It might be too much for the entire room, but perfect for an accent. Have you seen a wall color in a photo online that you love? Visit Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap to find out what color that is and how you can put it in your favorite room.

Transition Into Another Room
You don’t have to keep the same color in every room. Look at the paint chip you have and choose one of the other shades, either lighter or darker. This gives you a cohesive look, but still have some variation. Or, if you have chosen a bold color for the living room, take that color and find accent pieces such as vases, rugs or seat cushions to use for decorating in the dining room.

Think Texture
Sometimes a neutral color makes you feel safe and that is fine. Maybe you could add some texture instead. Use glaze to make a wide stripe pattern. This gives a sophisticated touch to any room. You have probably heard about faux finishing, and it might be a great technique to use with those gray or khaki walls. Grab a comb, rag, sponge and a friend to help add this subtle texture.

Test it Out
You don’t have to hold up the paint swatch against the wall anymore. Valspar offers 8oz. samples under $4 that give you the opportunity to see the color on the wall through all stages of daylight and night. And if you don’t want to put it on the wall right away, grab a piece of poster board and paint the sample on it and then hang on the wall. Technology is amazing and now you can see the color on your walls without even lifting a brush. Take a photo of your room and go onto Glidden Paint’s site to try out any paint color.

Be Ok With Neutral
Even with neutral colors, there are a million choices. Don’t worry, here are some of the most commonly used colors used by designers and home enthusiasts.

1548 Classic Gray –Benjamin Moore

Repose Gray–Sherwin Williams

Bleeker Beige–Sherwin Williams

Linen–Restoration Hardware

Revere Pewter–Benjamin Moore

For more suggestions, check out our Spear Realty Group Pinterest board.

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